My name is Flemming Lippke, and I’m based in Denmark as a visual artist in paintings and illustrations.

I am educated at The Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark. The eyes opened for art at a course in visual arts. Ever since I have a passion for great art.

The library gave me access to a lot of knowledge about art and I began studying color techniques, painting styles, drawings, perspectives, lightning, settings, ideas and the great stories behind artists around the world.

By combining knowledge, hard work with experiments in paint styles, colors and compositions, I’ve finally found my very special technique.

It’s there in the pictures … and it’s for your eyes to see.

Flemming Lippke

Art shows:

  • Filosoffen, Odense City – The Philosopher Art Building
  • Odense University Hospital, The Physiotherapy and Occu. Departments
  • The Artclub at Fredericia Library
  • Kristrup Library, Randers City, Public access area


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